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Dwayne and Ardith Miller 


  2492 7 Mile Rd

Charles City, IA   50616

Phone: 641-330-1941

Fax: 641-228-6316 

Email: ardithm@fiai.net

Peacocks, Show Bantams, Mini Horses, Nubian Goats, Cage Birds, Standard Poodles and Golden Doodles


We specialize in breeding some of the rarest and most beautiful peafowl in the Midwest...contact us to get started with some beautiful birds of your own, or to add to your growing flock.  If you are looking for a certain variety, we probably have it waiting for you!

Peafowl for sale in Charles City, Iowa  Please contact Ardith for more information.  There are lots of 2013 hatch young birds available today!

We specialize in all the rare colors including but not limited to Opal, Peach, Taupe, Jade, Cameo, White eyed Pieds, White, Buford Bronze, Violetta, Silver Pied, Black Shouldered and known combinations.  Java Greens and Spaldings also available.

Ardith Miller: 641-330-1941

Email: ardithm@fiai.net

We have many years of experience to share and some of the best birds around.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can provide the birds you are looking for to improve/grow your own flock of beautiful birds!


Don't overlook our offerings of SHOW WINNING BANTAMS!  Silkies (White), Frizzles, Cochins (Blue, Black, White, Mottled), Rocks (Barred, White), Silver Laced Wyandottes, Old English Games,   Parakeets, Cockatiels,  MANY species of finches, Canaries, Standard Poodles, Golden Doodles, Mini Horses and Nubian Goats.