South Africa's Kruger National Park 2010!

Leopard in a Natal Mahogany Tree

Classic and beautiful Kruger sunset...

Spotted Hyena at her den

Male Ostrich

Crested Barbet

Southern Giraffe drinking


Southern Giraffe

Southern White Rhino

Kruger Lions

Cape Buffalo

The Beauty of the Kruger...

Red-headed Weaver

Ellipsis Waterbuck

Elephants Galore!!!!

Hippo reminding us this lake is HIS!


Our fantastic guide Neil Heron...surrounded by the "Great 8" minus me of course.  We were an incredible mix of Aussies, Brits, and us Yanks...and of course our South African incredible group of people that I will never forget!

If you are going to South Africa's Kruger National Park for a safari experience of a life time...and you don't contact should get your head examined.  We enjoyed his humor, knowledge, experience and hospitality.  A class act that made a great experience an incredible one!

Ever had someone "look down their nose at you"?

Yellow-billed hornbills do it to me!

Long time friend and great travel companion,  Lew Carter of Williams, Iowa.

He is on high alert for "critters" deep in the heart of the Kruger. 

Female Greater Kudu

Male Greater Kudu

Warthog Boar Ground Hornbill

Male Bushbuck and a few flies Epilate Bat
Yellow-billed Hornbills...Anyone got a lighter?