Kenya 2013!

Samburu-Leopard at sunset

Samburu-Golden bellied Starling

Samburu-Gerenuk buck feeding

Samburu-Lioness on the hunt

Samburu-Steppe Eagle taking off

Samburu-Beisa Oryx

Samburu-Pygmy Falcon with weaver finch for breakfast


Sweetwaters-African Hunting Dogs 2 of 9 in the pack!

Sweetwaters-Bat-earred Fox


Sweetwaters-Jackson's Hartebeest bull


Lake Nakuru-The last of the flamingos...

Lake Nakuru-Long-crested Eagle

Abedares (The Ark)-Giant Forest Hogs

Abedares (The Ark)-Bushbuck

Masai Mara-White-bellied Snake Eagle


Masai Mara-Serval


Masai Mara-Coke's Hartebeest


Masai Mara-Topi


Masai Mara-Lioness

Masai Mara-The Great Wildebeest Migration...tens of thousands in all directions.


Masai Mara-Lioness and the one that DIDN'T get away.


Masai Mara-Vultures having lunch


Masai Mara-about 30 seconds after our great guide Michael told us that the lions often chase vultures away...


...but NEVER catch them!


Masai Mara-Her eyes may say "Yes", but her huge teeth and sharp claws are sending a somewhat different message.

Amboseli Sunrise



Amboseli-Blue Wildebeest

Tsavo West-Grant's Gazelle

Tsavo West-Lesser Kudu bull

Masai Mara-Black Maned Lion

Tsavo West-Fringe-eared Oryx