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Evergreen Heights Llama Farm

     High on a hill overlooking the mighty Mississippi River, near Muscatine Iowa, you will find the home of Steve and Judi Berger and their amazing herd of llamas.  For more than 20 years, the Bergers have selected and produced some of the finest animals in the Midwest. 
       No effort or expenses has been sparred to create a herd that has produced Champions, not only for them, but also for those lucky enough to be the owners of animals from Evergreen Heights.  Their love of all llamas is obvious to everyone who knows the Bergers, but Gray llamas hold a very special place in their hearts, and in their herd.  From their beginnings with llamas, Steve knew what he was looking for, and it was gray.  Since the early days, they have searched for, collected, bred and now produced multiple generations of the most beautiful silver gray llamas that the industry has ever seen.  For obvious reasons, The Fiduciary is a prominent name in the pedigree of herd on the hill.  In addition other animals were selected from Bolivia and Chili,  (namely the intensely gray Zorba de Temuco from Taylor Llamas’ 2nd import from their Temuco Project) to intensify and refine the gray and at the same time enhance the other qualities we all look for in our animals, confirmation, ultra fine fiber, grace and wonderful loving personalities.  The llamas at Evergreen Heights truly have it all. 
         As one of the first and largest llama farms in Iowa, Evergreen Heights made a commitment to learn as much as possible about these incredible animals.  They have been highly involved in all aspects of the llama community, and continue to participate in showing, educating, breeding and creating the latest llama trends. 
        One lesson that the Bergers have learned is that to produce the grayest llamas, you have to start with the best stock and select from there.  Guess what, that means that they have already done the hard part.  Evergreen Heights offers a beautiful selection of heavy boned, heavy wooled llamas with beautiful heads and ears.  Many colors can be found in the herd, but gray animals are what they are really famous for. 

Steve and Judi are completely dedicated to the proper care and responsibility for their animals.  They provide unending after purchase support and can provide expert advice and experience to anyone searching for it.  They truly love their llamas and know you will too.


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If you are interested in learning more about Evergreen Heights Llama Farm, available llamas, or just adding a "touch of gray" to your herd please contact:


Kevin Stalder

Herd Sires
Suri Alpacas


(515) 836-4659


Steve or Judi Berger

(563) 381-1190





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