Crias 2012


Better late than never!  This 31 pounder liked the accommodations his mom supplied so well, he decided to stay inside...for more than a year!



He is a beautiful dark steel grey and very friendly on his own and a super suri...he is greasy ALL OVER!

Below...10 days old.



Thanks for a the 


This guy goes and goes, puts his all in everything he does and has that classic suri feel...


"Elbow Grease"

At 1 year old


Elbow Grease

 Male Born 5/10/2012 (31 pounds)

Endzone X PH The Governor


I had to register these eyelashes with the state right after he was born today...they are now officially listed as "Deadly Weapons"!  Didn't want to...HAD TO!

26 pounds of pure 




His color will darken a little with age.  Make no mistake this guy is not white...he looks exactly like his Grandmother, Dark Magnolia and is a 4th generation cria born here on his maternal side!


Name: Dark Maverick

Born: 5/14/2012 (26 pounds)

Dark Mazeera X PH The Governor



The first girl of 2012 here and is she ever a whopper!  28 pounds and at birth is taller than her two new buddies that are 10 and 5 days older than she is!

She is an interesting color, has lots of fiber and is the first cria for Marciano!


Name: Fossa
Born: 5/21/2012 (28 pounds)

Fluffi Babi X Marciano


I asked for spots and lots of 'em...This guy was already righting himself before he was all the way out...he is strong FAST and covered in amazingly soft spotted fiber...what a beauty!  Not sure about the donkey ears...hopefully he will grow out of them!  Ha.



Can you spot the cria in these pictures?  Sorry, that was really bad...

Name: Pepe
Born: Born 5/22/2012 (10:30 AM)

Cloud Peak's Silk Pajamas X Cloud Peak's Sunday Skunk


Just when Mic thought it was safe to go back in the water... Coleen decides on day 366 of her gestation that it is time to get this kid OUT!  So, she delivers a massive boy at 2:00 PM.  Thanks Mic...your dedication keeps everyone safe and in line.  He has the strangest fiber I have ever seen...kinda greasy like a suri, but it also has is locked to the skin...and this guy has serious bone.  

NOTE:  This one is gonna make someone a very nice show animal and herdsire!  He is one to watch for sure!

He's big, has great bone, very nice ears, incredible presence/personality and awesome fiber...he's one of the hard ones to find!

Name: Casanova
Born: Born 5/22/2012 (2:00 PM)

Evergreen's Coleen X Marciano


This little gal made her grand entry to the world this morning and we are very excited to meet her!  She has super silky fiber and I am not sure what to even think about those markings...she is going to be a beauty for sure.  

Finally some splashes of white!


Name: Phanta of the Opera
Born: 5/23/2012 (---- AM)

Chilean Plucha X Apachie


Say "Hey" to the newest "red head" in the family!  Son of the largest gal in the herd (mother of the 2011 Iowa State Fair Grand Champion Med wool Male by the way...) and an appy male that is about 46" at the shoulder...this guy should get HUGE!  And colors...yeah, he's got 'em.

Name: Mailman Malone
Born: 5/31/2012 

Maebalene X Apachie

Must be something special about Tuesdays in 2012...this is the second time 2 crias were born here on the same day this year...and it was Tuesday both times...keeps Mic on her toes for sure!  The first boy showed up at exactly 1:01 pm and is the 3rd Governor kid to hit the ground...and just like his brothers he is suri, grey, and has fiber and ears to die for...his markings don't suck either... 

Tennessee at 1 year

Name: Tennessee Tuxedo
Born: 6/5/2012 (1:01 pm)

Tilda X PH The Governor

Just less than an hour after Tilda gave birth, Indiana decided it was time to drop off a package that she had been working on for the last year.  Mic was still rubbing her eyes from the glare of the luster on Tilda's cria when she thought she had "lost her marbles"...all she could see were spots.  A darn good Tuesday if you ask me! 

Would have liked to have seen a few more spots on him, but there just isn't room!

Name: TBD
Born: 6/5/2012 (1:01 pm)

Miss Indiana X LUA Bravado's Shine On Me


As the sunset, first time mom Nakoda seemed to be jerking me around pretending to be in labor.  As I watched her and called her bluff, her water broke leaving egg on my face.  At 9 PM in the dark, this little guy was born.  In nearly 25 years with llamas giving birth, I have never had one born at night.  He is no bigger than a minute but has a personality as big as the entire world.  It will be very interesting to see what happens to his curls and his interesting colors! 

Name: Night Shift
Born: 6/5/2012 (9:01 pm)

Nakoda Star X Marciano



Seems like we waited an eternity for this little guy.  At 363 days gestation he dropped in and made his mom proud.  He is white with a pretty grey overcast to his fiber and is very lustrous.  Time will tell what this guy will look like...and I think it will be worth the wait.  He is the last of the 2012 crias and boy #9 for the year!  Quite a season!

Name: TBD
Born: 6/30/2012 (12:31 pm)

Beryl X Cravin The Gray


















































Born at J & R Llamas