Come On

Come On is the culmination of years of breeding expertise and the combination of pedigrees from extraordinary stock. His superior traits have clearly been passed on from the infamous ancestors of both of his parents. He has copious amounts of delicate, fine fiber all the way to his toes, spectacular banana ears and proven color production in a rainbow assortment. He is a proud animal that is protective of his girls, is an aggressive breeder, but is always gentle and easy to handle.

From his damline, the Fiduciary (Taylor Llamas) and his famous son Full On grace Come On with the qualities that llama breeders have always sought after. His sireline genealogy is equally impressive, and the affects of the great Chavito (Tillman Llamas) have been passed on through the equally magnificent Orofino (Evergreen Heights Llama Farm). Check out his full pedigree.

A second crop of Come On babies have hit the ground running and it is exciting here! His crias are fantastic and exhibit his greatest qualities. Oh did I mention color? All of his offspring have inherited his strengths, and no two have been the same color or pattern. Its like opening Christmas presents; you know your gonna get something really good, but you donít know exactly what it is until you get it!

Come On babies can add class, color, confirmation, fantastic fiber and ears of perfection to your herd. Check out a Come On baby, they are very special.

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