Botswana 2009!

Chobe National Park

Botswana's infamous elephants enjoying the waters of the Chobe River and the surrounding mud wallows...

Open-billed Stork Rainbow Skink

Cape Buffalo...a little bit close for comfort

Squacco Heron African Fish Eagle

Swimming anyone?  She doesn't look all that dangerous...

The "lovely" Warthog.  A face that maybe even a mother would have trouble with!

Olive Baboon

Lilac-breasted Roller taking a cricket to lunch. Glossy Starling on a perch left behind by an elephant.

Burchell's Zebras

Lion tracks in the sand

It took THREE trips to Africa to see a lion...but Botswana didn't disappoint me!  Only wish I could have stayed longer.

More lion tracks...may be a good idea to stay in the jeep.

Shhh!  This female Greater kudu is standing very still so we can't see her.

Greater kudu female group.  Females and calves live in groups separate from the bull groups. 

Rare:  Puku

Nile Monitors feeding on a dead catfish

Red Lechwe

Twisting and turning to tear flesh and skin

The "tip of the iceberg" so to speak

These guys were in the 5 foot range-best guess anyway.

Gorgeous but flighty...the Sable Antelope.


Banded Mongoose family group

Ancestor to domestic Guinea Fowl...this one is a wild Helmeted Guinea Fowl.

15 foot + Croc...he was a MONSTER!

The elusive Black Krake